How To Beat A Federal Charge In California

According to the Pew Research Center, over 1 million people immigrate to the United States each year. Most immigration crimes and offenses are related to unlawful residency and smuggling in violation of federal immigration law. Illegal immigration is when someone enters another country by violating their immigration laws or continuing to stay in the country in violation of the country’s residency laws.

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The first way to beat a federal case is the have the evidence to beat it or be in a position to argue that the prosecutors do not have the evidence to convict you of your federal case. To assess this, you’re going to use your common sense. Still, you’re also going to sit down with a seasoned federal criminal defense attorney who has handled cases in the jurisdiction where your case is pending and who also has all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case so they can inform you, educate you and give you a good idea if you really do have a chance to beat your federal case.

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Strategy Decisions

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Strategy decisions are crucial to determine right from the beginning when you have a federal case pending against you. I’ll sit down with my clients, go over all the information and evidence, and make the strategic decision as soon as possible about which options to take during your legal defense. Will we try to fight the case with victory in mind, will we try to negotiate the case, or are we going to cooperate with the government. These strategic options need to be assessed in any federal case by your attorneys if they genuinely care about due diligence and achieving the best possible outcomes.

The prosecutors will charge you with specific crimes, and there will be elements of those crimes that they’re going to have to prove. So, that’s one of the basic ways to beat a federal case, which is to show a jury that the prosecutors are unable to prove the elements of that federal case against you because they do not have the evidence. Or, maybe they’re working with the wrong evidence.

They have evidence, but it doesn’t have anything to do with you. Or, maybe it’s evidence that’s been mischaracterized by some witnesses. One of your attorney’s principal jobs is to get your side of the story, the evidence that supports your story, and develop a defense. Then, your attorney will leverage the evidence and your story in a jury trial to fight for you or bring it to the prosecutor’s attention for potential re-evaluation of your case. This could lead to dismissal of your case, lesser charges being filed, or the ability to leverage and negotiate a plea agreement.

Experienced Federal Defense Lawyer

The bottom line is, if you want to beat your federal case, your first step is to get a great attorney to be your champion to put your position out there to the judge, the prosecutor, and even to a jury if that’s necessary in order to get that not-guilty verdict so you can move on with your life.

You don’t want to put yourself in a position where the feds have the evidence against you, and you’re trying to fight and beat your case because they’re just going to get tougher and tougher on you, and you’re potentially going to put yourself in a worse position.
So, get to an attorney as quickly as possible. Take an honest accounting of the evidence that the feds have against you in a criminal case, and you and your attorney will sit down, look through everything and make the final decision — if you can beat your federal case — and if you can, what it’s going to take to do it. What type of investigation is necessary?

What type of witnesses are going to be necessary? Are you going to have to testify in a federal case to be successful? These are all things that must be discussed, assessed, and decided upon if you want to be in the best position to have a chance to beat your federal case.


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